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2 bis 10 Spieler, 30 Minuten, ab 10 Jahren, ENGLISCH

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You Gotta Be Kitten Me! is a fast and fun party game that resembles a cross between Liar's Dice and Uno, featuring adorable animals with accessories! Try and guess what cards are in play as you either raise the Bid or Challenge another player. Be careful, if you're wrong, you lose a card! The last player with cards remaining wins. Bluff your way to victory in this cute, but cutthroat game!

You Gotta Be Kitten Me! . Whoever's wrong loses a card, then you start a new round of play. The last player with cards remaining wins! In the game, players are looking to be the last one with cards still in their hand. You do this by guessing the quantity of, or colors of, the various accessories that the cute, fuzzy animals are wearing on cards in another player’s hand. Players can either raise the card bid or challenge their opponents (to see if they actually have what they’re saying). Those that are challenged and lose discard from their hand.

Contents: -55 Game Cards
-1 Reminder Card
-1 Rulebook

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