Shadowrun - 2050 (EN)

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Requires Shadowrun, Twentieth Anniversary Edition; this book allows players and gamemasters to take the accessible, easy-to-use rules of the latest edition of Shadowrun and use them in the classic 2050 setting of the game, with the character, lingo, gear, and atmosphere that originally made the game a legend.

Interesting Facts:
• Provides the plot information, setting details, and rules adjustments players and gamemasters need in order to play a game set in the years Shadowrun first emerged on the scene.
• Re-acquaints players with some of the classic characters in Shadowrun’s past, including Captain Chaos, The Laughing Man, and Hatchetman.
• Ties in with the recently announced Shadowrun Returns, which was the subject of a well-publicized and highly successful Kickstarter campaign. Both this book and the game will be set in 2050, which means this book will give players the chance to immerse themselves deeper in the setting established in the electronic game.
• Provides plot hooks and hints to help gamemasters get up and running quickly in this historical setting.
• Details gear, Matrix rules changes, magic rules, and other elements that need to be adjusted in order to work in the 2050 setting.
• Offers fiction to capture the mood and attitude of the Sixth World in 2050.

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